New Laws and Regulations in the Netherlands
15 February 2016
New Laws and Regulations in the Netherlands

IND fees and salary requirements as of January 2016

As of January 1 the Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND) have not only updated their fees, but also the salary requirements that have to be met by foreign employees to be able to work as a Knowledge Migrant in the Netherlands.

The new fees are the following:

Knowledge Migrant 

  Extension Knowledge Migrant   

   Spouse Knowledge Migrant   

   Child Knowledge Migrant   

Knowledge Migrant Code






The new salary requirement for a Knowledge Migrant in gross salary per month, excluding holiday allowance:

30 years old or older

    Younger than 30 years old

   After completing a study in the Netherlands   




For more information, look at the website of the IND:

Fines for not submitting birth certificate in Amsterdam

When registering at the city hall in the Netherlands, expatriates are requested to show a birth certificate. When this is not available at the moment of registration, this needs to be submitted within 3 months after the registration. Because often the certificates are not shown at all, Amsterdam will start giving fines if the birth certificate is not submitted after 3 months. The fine will be an amount of up to €325,-.

New regulations to open a bank account

Because of new EU laws, banks in the Netherlands will start asking expatriates for their tax ID number in their country of origin. Besides that, the ABN AMRO bank, where most expatriates open an account, has tightened the rules. From now on it is not possible to open an account without a BSN (social service number). This means that expatriates first need to register at the city hall or Expat Center before they can open a bank account.