New Immigration Regulations and a Language Initiative in the Netherlands
18 April 2016
New Immigration Regulations and a Language Initiative in the Netherlands

More time to apply for Orientation Year after graduation

As of March 1st students that have graduated from a Dutch university or one of the international top universities can apply for a Search Year within 3 years after their graduation. Previously this was only 1 year.  With this type of residence permit, the applicant is free to reside and to work in the Netherlands. Not only students can apply for the Orientation Year, but scientific researchers who have completed their research can also apply.

For more information, look at the website of the IND (Dutch Immigration Authorities):

No visa needed for Peruvians

For a stay in the Netherlands of a maximum of 90 days Peruvian nationals do not need a visa anymore. This new rule has been in effect since March 15th, 2016.

Holidays at the IND

The IND will be closed on the following days due to national holidays:

April 27                -              Kings Day

May 5                   -              Liberation Day/Ascension Day

May 6

May 16                -              Pentecost

These holidays might cause some delays in the application procedures.

Initiative to improve Dutch language skills

Many employees in the Netherlands have difficulty with reading and writing of Dutch. The Dutch government wants to help employers to improve their employees Dutch language skills. An initiative called ‘Taalakkoord’ is planned to come into effect in the second half of 2016. It will give employers the opportunity to apply for a subsidy for language courses for their employees.

More information can be found on the website: (only in Dutch)