Changing Immigration Regulations and Visa News in The Netherlands
18 July 2016
Changing Immigration Regulations and Visa News in The Netherlands
Knowledge Migrant code not unlimited anymore
From March 31, 2016, the Knowledge Migrant Code can expire if it is not used for 3 years. Explained in short - if a company does not hire a Knowledge Migrant nor has a Knowledge Migrant employed for 3 years, the code will fall due. The company has to reapply for the Knowledge Migrant Code if they decide to hire a Knowledge Migrant again.

Simplified application requirements for foreign investors
The requirements for foreign investors, who want to settle in the Netherlands, are eased as of July 1 2016. The test for added value in the Netherlands will be more globalized, the first residence permit will be given for 3 years and the accountant’s certificate is not needed anymore. The Netherlands hopes to attract more foreign investors with these simplified regulations.

Japanese no longer labour free
Starting October 1, 2016, Japanese citizens are not labour free anymore in the Netherlands. This means that they will need to apply for a work permit if they wish to work in the Netherlands. Japanese citizens who already have a residence permit stating that labour is permitted, will keep the permit until it expires. If they have to extend their permit, they will need to meet the requirements for a work permit.

Indian Visas
Recently the location for visa application for India changed. The application can no longer be submitted at the BLS office, but are now processed via VFS Global.

Kiribati, Marshall Islands and Tuvalu visa-free
Nationals of the above mentioned countries can now enter the Netherlands without a visa for a stay up to 90 days.

Application procedure digitalized
The Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND) are working on digitalizing the application procedure. After having the new system tested thoroughly, it was recently launched for the use of all recognized sponsors. For now, this will only be for Knowledge Migrant and Scientific Research applications. To offer the best service for our clients, Partners in Relocation B.V. is working on the requirements needed for immigration providers to use this new service. The process time of the application will remain the same.