8 September 2016
BEA Laboratory
On 18th August 2016, the Business Effectivity Association (BEA) laboratory was organized for PIRGROUP, who specialize in global mobility, immigration and classic relocation services in 17 European countries. The service provision process is coordinated directly from the Riga office in Latvia for all PIRGROUP destination countries.

PIRGROUP participants at the BEA laboratory were:
•    Ligita Tetere, PIRGROUP General Manager Riga office
•    Evita Liniņa, Account Manager Riga office

The BEA experts participating were:
•    Mrs. Inga Tanaino - Mitenbergs ,“Tele2” Shared Service Center Process Expert
•    Mrs. Dace Undine Rubene ,“4finance” Lean Expert,
•    Mr. Sandis Babris, Head of the laboratory, and “Primekss Group” Financial and Process Director

The main objective of the laboratory was to share experience, knowledge and find new solutions to reduce time losses, and improve coordination for the relocation agents’ assignments in the various countries. Also discussed was the importance of instructing the local consultants how to comply with PIRGROUP practices and standards, and for the agents to obtain a wider understanding of the different cultures and mentality of their expat clients.

The group shared their experiences of cooperation with various national counterparts and partners. They concluded that, to be successful, "national characteristics" of the client must be taken into account, and communication and approach need to be tailored accordingly, but most importantly - direct contact in person - should be essential in every country.

The group jointly measured and analyzed a number of situations via case studies which the PIRGROUP representatives face on a daily basis by using a “5 - Why” method. This enables one to identify the real causes of a problem, and then helps to develop recommendations to address them.

The BEA laboratory was a very interesting for exchanging views and experiences and to identify the challenges and opportunities in the growing global mobility market.

If you would like to learn more about the laboratory and/ or the specific cases which were analyzed, please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected].