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  • Iceskating in winter - Welcome to the Netherlands - Welkom in Nederland
  • The Sofia Valley in Summer, Bulgaria - Welcome to Bulgaria - Добре Дошли в България
  • Overlooking Vilnius Lithuania - Welcome to Lithuania - Sveiki atvykę į Leituvą
  • Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine - Welcome to Ukraine - Ласкаво в УкраЇну
  • Overlooking Riga - Welcome to Latvia - Esiet sveicināti Latvijā
  • Wroclaw, Poland - Welcome to Poland - Witamy w Polsce



Partners in Relocation Group (PIRGROUP) are happy to welcome you to our corporate website. PIRGROUP started in the Netherlands in 1999 with “Classic Relocation Services”. Over the past fifteen years we have grown and expanded into Europe's top International Mobility Management Company. Please feel free to browse through the rest of our site and get to know us better



Relocating is change and change is a challenge. The majority of our clients are transferring employees from overseas. PIRGROUP understands their excitement but also their reluctance and their fears. PIRGROUP provides an extremely broad range of services to support your transferring employees every step of the way. We provide detailed information and practical advice to the client, the transferee and their accompanying family.


PIRGROUP is 15 years old

Happy Birthday PIRGROUP!
 We have cause to celebrate! On May 20th 1999 Partners in Relocation Group (PIRGROUP) was incorporated. Initially established as a Classic Relocation Services Company, over the past 15 years the company has grown and developed. Currently we provide a extensive range of services to the International mobility community.


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